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ADingOD FontManager


Have you spent a lot of time finding the right font for your application?
Now you have found The Perfect Font Manager!
  • Lists all font files in any directory and optionally subdirectories also
  • Displays a sample of each font
  • Saves sample fonts as a JPEG or GIF grouped in directories
  • Creates a HTML file for easy browsing of previously saved samples
  • Views a character map, selects individual characters by key code
  • Saves character map in HTML format
  • Saves and deletes font files
  • Lists all installed fonts
  • Installs any font of your choice
  • Easily uninstalls unused fonts
  • Finds all fonts on a specific disc
  • Finds duplicate font files on the disk
  • Tests any font you find
  • Pop-up menu accessing commands
  • Lists all fonts files in a ZIP archive
  • Views fonts in ZIP archives
  • Copies font files to ZIP archives
  • Deletes font files from ZIP archives
  • Views a character map for ZIP archived font files
  • Previews saved HTML files
  • Displays properties of fonts
  • Organizes fonts by Copy/Move operations
  • Displays fonts properties
  • Specifiy how many fonts you wish to see
  • and much more...


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